In 2017, how the market - where to invest? (Part 1)


Facing the economic and political situation in the world witnessing the historic turning point, many domestic investors are wondering when deciding their investment channel in 2017. The interview with two leading experts on multi-sector investment in two continuous parts provide readers with a comprehensive look at and "strategic hints" for 2017.

Q: Dear Mr.Michael Dang, 2016 marks the year of successful investment and business of the Anpha Holdings. Can you share Anpha Holdings strategic direction and the reasons for this choice?

In the year 2016, Anpha Holdings has signed strategic partnership with leading multinational corporations to expand business in FinTech (Finance and Technology) and deploymnet a series of high-end real estate projects in both Vietnam and international market.

In real estate development with its outstanding strengths , Anpha Holdings has partnered with PropNex International and leading regional real estate groups such as GuocoLand (Singapore) and Alpines (Malaysia) to introduce their national –iconic property of Singapore and Malaysia.

In Vietnam, Anpha Holdings has successfully launched "The Luxury Affordable Homes" with a strategic project – “Park Vista” that has attracted thousands of customers and sold 450 apartments in two opening days.


In the year 2016, Anpha Holdings pushed up its investment in FinTech when we partnered with the world's largest CRM technology group based in the US – “Salesforce Inc” and electronic wallet management “E-Wallet” financed by the Singapore Government. - iApps Singapore. Anpha Holdings is behind a range of consumer and micro-finance consumer loan management software, the alternative to traditional retail banking.

Q: What is your view of investment portfolio in 2017?

Vietnam has benefited greatly from the world's recent turmoil. The countries that are considered as investment paradise such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand are giving way to markets to young and dynamic populations like Vietnam. This is very clear after a series of foreign cash flow into the M & A deals in the past. The Vietnamese currency is considered to be a stable currency as the dollar strengthens against the currencies of the region.

With stable macroeconomic conditions, the influx of foreign money into the real estate industry will be strong in 2017, leading to a steady increase in land and apartment prices next year. Not to mention the supply of 2017 will be much lower than in 2015-2016, the average real estate investment and townhouses in the range of 18 million to 30 million per square meter are still "shelter" Safest and most profitable. The high price of land due to foreign investors having long-term capital to participate in the market and infrastructure to receive new information will make it impossible for investors to keep the house price as last year because of the land price inputs fluctuate.


In addition to real estate, Vietnam is a country with a high percentage of smartphone smartphones and a high education rate, especially in the information technology industry. The government's continued preference for Start-up will divert the Vietnamese economy further into high technology to boost labor productivity to help Vietnam increase its international competitiveness.

Start-up investment is a risky investment but it can be profitable if you master the principle of "standing on the shoulders of giants." Therefore, in 2017, investors should leave their portfolios of financial technology, which is a very attractive piece of cake and very early in Vietnam.

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