In 2017, how the market - where to invest? (Part 2)


Advantage Investment (AI) LLC specializes in managing investors with a minimum of $ 1 million to bring higher returns than traditional investment banks. AI investments always aim at strategic sectors which lead the market.

Q: Dear Mr. Bahar Riand Passa, as a senior investment adviser at Hedge Fund - Advantage Investment LLC based in Singapore, would you please share your views on the 2017 investment orientation?

Previously, when the market received many unexpected news, investors often find the channel "shelter" is gold, but this is not true in 2016. The investor's risk profile has overcome the unreasonable fear and much more sober to choose a strategic and long-term investment channel than to find a place to "keep property."

Vietnam has nearly 100 million people, and the domestic economy is always sufficient to operate on its own without being overly affected by world economic and political affairs. If the Government of Vietnam focuses on developing domestic resources and reinvesting in the domestic market, Vietnam will overcome crises much easier than in countries with aging populations, Low consumption level.

That said, 2017 will be a good year for the consumer, consumer finance and real estate sectors of Vietnam. That is why I found that the leading corporations in the three areas are trying to penetrate into the Vietnam market and there will be big money flowing into these three fields in the future.

Q: Do you think Vietnamese investors should be interested in exports and foreign investment?

Trade needs two dimensions. Vietnam has a strong internal market advantage, but investors should not be satisfied on domestic advantage as this advantage is only a matter of time. In the next 5-10 years, this advantage may be lost and Vietnam will face the same difficulties as other countries today.

Therefore, Vietnamese investors, after reaping domestic gains, should recognize investment opportunities in developed countries that are suffering from short-term crises such as Singapore and Australia.


These two countries are very special and completely different in terms of competitive advantage. While Australia is an island rich in mineral resources, Singapore is a very small island nation, but it has a large industry of cutting edge technology. Although different, these two countries have special advantages, they are the bridge of the West and the East; This is evident when most Western multinationals choose Singapore and Australia as their Asian headquarters. With the strength of the two countries neutral, all long-term investments especially property for rent and landed propertyin big cities will bring profitability over time.

Q: With the recent share of Mr. Bahar Riand Passa, Michael Dang could "reveal" the future plans of Anpha Holdings?

As Mr. Bahar has said, Anpha Holdings has been attracted by many investors in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia over the last 6 months to consult for potential real estate projects and start-up businesses to invest. Recognizing that the international investment needs of Vietnamese investors are indispensable as Vietnam's economy is increasingly integrated, Anpha Holdings has formally co-operated with Australia's largest real estate group - REA Group to launch the first Australian Properties Expo in Vietnam at the end of March 2017.

This is the first time that Vietnamese investors will have direct access in a transparent manner

to Australian’s developers and real estate companies. This is also the non-profit social activity of Anpha Holdings in actively contributing to the exchange of information between domestic and oversea markets, especially Australia which high numbers of Vietnamese students and as well as good living environment in the world.


In addition to Australia Property Expo, Anpha Holdings remains loyal to the "Luxury Affordable Homes" to bring luxury apartments, compound townhomes, with fully-equipped facilities as Singapore standards in Saigon Sout area and the East side adjacent High Tech Park. We are building Creative Cities towards a dynamic young community of talented people working in the areas of infrastructure development and leading technology in the city. We are building innovative cities that are geared towards the dynamic, talented young people who work in the city's leading infrastructure and technology development areas.

Valencia Riverside Boutique Residence with its two sides adjacent to rivers and lakes, five minutes from Samsung Hi-Tech Park (District 9) will be launched by Anpha Holdings in next January.

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