Anpha Holdings through its subsidiary – AnphaLand – carefully selects projects that best fit to needs of home-buyers and investors. Its products are in wide range from affordable apartments, luxury condominium, linked houses in compound / gated community, luxury villas / bungalows in compound / gated community, resort homes to retail spaces. AnphaLand is market leader in real-estate trading with more than 100 elite employed sale-staff and tens of thousands of agents through more than 20 professional agencies. Possessing state-of-the-art CRM system, AnphaLand is market’s first company utilizing information technology to manage its agency network, customer database, and inventories. AnphaLand is sole-agency, strategic agency and agency of choice for several developers namely Inveskia, MIK Corp, AnphaCorp, Tai Nguyen Group, Dong Mekong, VIG,….