Vietnamese investors eagerly welcomed the Singapore real estate wave


Asia's leading real estate developer based in Singapore has partnered with Anpha Holdings and PropNex International to officialy launch three Singaporean “Super-Projects” in Vietnam.

This is the first time a Vietnam Real Estate Corporation has officially launched a project in Singapore for domestic investors. The “super projects” selected for this announcement include: Wallich Residence - Singapore's highest-recorded intergrated developement for 20 years; Leedon Residence - Singapore's Best Condiminium adjacent world heritage "Singapore Botanic Garden" and Sims Urban Oasis - Top 5 Best Selling Real Estate Singapore in 2015.

Mr. Gia Phu, one of the 5 customers who booked Leedon Residence, said: "Next year, my daughter will start her university studies in Singapore, I choose Singapore for excellent education compared with Australia or America, similar cultural environment, and moreover Singapore is really close to Vietnam. I have flown to Singapore several times to inquire about buying a house but have difficulty due to lack of information, I do not know where should I buy; which real estate agent, and which is prestigious developer to believe in"

"I am very happy that Anpha Holdings has introduced me to the Leedon Residence project in a very professional and informative way." Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association, said in the same statement: "Singapore is a country chosen by the rich people of Vietnam as the second home for the environment and Good education system."


According to some professional analysis, the investment in international real estate for Vietnamese investors is not really new; which began more than a dozen years ago when Vietnamese people became richer thanks to the stock market.

However, this investment is still only popular in country inwhich large Vietnamese community such as USA, Canada and Australia... and only so far in and only so far have emerged products of Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia ...

For international real estate investment, Michael Dang, Chairman of Anpha Holdings, said: " Real estate investment in the international market is a big step forward for Vietnamese investors. Surfing, short-term profit taking is a trend in the domestic market. When investing overseas, investors are moving towards a more sustainable market, longer investment periods, and greater asset value. "

In order to achieve good results, investors should clearly define their investment objectives, and they will often have to consider two "secure money channel" and "profitable investment channels" - from which to choose the country to invest. A good country to invest should must fully converge factors such as: land scarcity, economic incentives for sustainable development, effective government, open investment and business policy, clearly national vision, gathering headquarters of multinational corporation; The project’s location must be close to the social facilities, such as metro station, near property renting demand such as universities, multinational corporations offices.


Received very positive from the investors in Ho Chi Minh City because 3 properties selected Anpha Holdings to announce each property has special strengths that meet the specific requirements for each investor.

Wallich Residence is the expression Singapore statue with the number of flats to finite; A rare project located right on the central MRT station; Full integration of modern utilities to meet the needs of global corporate executives and business leaders; Leedon Residence - the best-rated apartment complex in Southeast Asia is a private space of privacy in a resort environment and only 5 minutes' drive from bustling Orchard Road; Sims Urban Oasis is an attractive investment for all of Singapore's highest-earning investors.

With a variety of products, three investor needs include absolute safety investment, rental yields, second homes for families, children studying and enjoying The living of the highly developed nation ... is met.

Source: Cafef